Cooperativa Umanista Mazra (CUM), founded in May 2003, was founded by people sharing and practicing culture of diversity and integrated multiculturalism. CUM is an Italian cooperative based in Napoli that works in the field of social exclusion and marginalization, with young people with disabilities and young at risk of social exclusion, organizing recreational, educational and sport activities, including the creation and diffusion of audio-visual products, inspired by Arts and the discipline of Globality of Languages (GdL), ideated by the Italian pedagogist Stefania Guerra Lisi.

The socio-psycho-pedagogical discipline practiced by CUM is the "Globality of Languages" (GdL): through the several communicative and expressive languages (in particular arts) personal and collective experiences are conveyed in an unifying expressive and integrative process, elaborated and transformed into shared communication forms (e.g. meetings in schools of all levels, artistic performances, social, artistic and cultural events, sport events) for therapeutic, educational-training and / or animation purposes.

CUM team has specific expertise in the processes of socialization and integration in favour of disadvantaged people, such as persons with physical and sensory disabilities (eg: autism, severe mental and / or sensory deficit). CUM's mission is to spread practices of social inclusion and integrated multiculturalism through participatory and democratic modalities, according with the principles of freedom, equality, diversity, and non-violence.

Via Ferrovia Napoli Piedimonte d’Alife n. 9, 80145 NAPLES

Maurizio di Gennaro

+39 334 138 0300

CRE.THI.DEV is a Greek Non for Profit Company that actively promotes youth, cultural and entrepreneurial projects and the dissemination of information on specialized subjects that promote equal opportunities, quality of life and strengthen social cohesion. The organization endeavors, among others, to:

  • Promote innovative activities that aim to combine the fields of education and vocational trainings, employability and entrepreneurship
  • Organize meetings, seminars, events and actions with the involvement of various stakeholders
  • Promote innovative educational methods for the prevention and elimination of any kind of discrimination, exclusion and inequality.


Creative Thinking Development Solonos & Empedokleous, 19009 Ntrafi Rafinas, Attiki, Greece PO Box 2303

D. A. D. A. A is an association representing parents, legal guardians, carers, friends and people with an Autism Spectrum Condition, Asperger’s Syndrome or Developmental Disorders. Founded in 2012, in Komotini, Thrace (Greece), counts 90 members until this day. The main objectives of the association consist in assisting the abovementioned individuals and their families in order to participate in the social life of the municipality, to protect the rights of these people, to improve the quality of life of every person with ASC, to inform them and their families of their rights, to inform and raise public awareness on the subject of autism and undertake actions with a view to eliminate the “stigma”, providing counselling and psychological support, special education services as well as participate in the creation of study units, IT Laboratories and day-care centres. Since its foundation, D. A. D. A. A, apart from awareness raising and artistic events, has succeeded in organising psychomotor and swimming lessons (in cooperation with the local university and municipality authorities), summer camps and general recreational activities for children with ASC as well as seminars and training sessions for the attention of parents and education staff. Moreover, the association participates in two EU projects (apart from InsiDES): “Autism PCP – a holistic approach of person-centred planning for people with autism” and “MUSICFULNESS – Heal the soul”, a music therapy project for parents and their children.

D. A. D. A. A (Association of Parents, Legal Guardians & Friends of Children and Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Asperger’s Syndrome and Developmental Disorders),

Municipal Stadium of Komotini – K2 office, PO box 69132, Komotini, Greece

Dimitris Anastasopoulos




De Mãos Dadas Pela Vida (MPV) is a brazilian non-governmental organization. Since 2007, we have continuously developed social assistance projects, educational, sports, cultural, environmental protection and volunteer exchange projects with Europe free of charge. We serve, directly and indirectly, more than 600 children mainly in the Jardim das Oliveiras of Senador Canedo (outskirts of Goiânia, Goiás – Midwest Brazil). Our projects include:

  • School reinforcement
  • Psychological Support
  •  Distance sponsorship of children
  • Multidisciplinary support for children
  • OJEC – our soccer team
  • Summer Camp
  • Classical Ballet Classes
  • Environmental education


Address: Jm15 Street, Court 19 Lot 1. Jardim das Oliveiras, Senador Canedo - Goiás, 75250-000 Brazil




Instagram: @mpv_org

TPV Volley Novo Mesto has been operating in the world of sports for over 25 years. It currently has more than 200 members involved in local, national and international projects. We cater our activities to the largest part of the children population of Novo Mesto focusing mostly on offering sport/volleyball training. Most of our services are targeted to children between the age of 4 and 18.

We aim to bring our members to the highest level of training and competitive excellence in volleyball. Additionally to professional training, our main goal is to use sport as tool for social inclusion, national and international development objectives, for promoting tolerance, improving health, awareness, and wholistic well-being.

Address: Kettejev drevored 2, 8000 Novo mesto

contact/contact person: Jana Vernig 



Alsancak Water Sports Club Association was founded in 2014. It's a Non Governmental Organisation.

The association does not only act as a swimming course center but as a fully professional sports club. Athletes and candidate athletes from the ages of 6 to 18 are included in the teams with a professional sense. The talented children are guided to the branches of triathlon & swimming and trained further for national and international competitions.

 The Association has experience in training children and youngsters with disabilities (especially with mental disabilities).

The mission of Alsancak Water Sports Club Association is to train people with a philosophy to be human first, then be sportsperson.

We support social inclusion and favor all people in disadvantaged conditions.

Address: Alsancak Su Sporları Kulübü Derneği Dokuz Eylul Mah. Akçay Cad. Dış Kapı No:273 Gaziemir/IZMIR - TURKEY


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Maendeleo for Children is a NPO founded on 2014. MfC carries out socially useful activities for children and young people with particular attention to those who live in disadvantaged socio-economic conditions and with disabilities, promoting social inclusion, protection and a full realization of rights through formal and non-formal education, providing training courses for social operators. MFC is the creator of network N-DSA-N (New DSA Network) which is a stable participatory network of public and private actors dealing with disorder and pathologies related to childhood and adolescent neuropsychiatry. Now actually welcomes more than 90 participating organizations (among Italian, European and extra-european members), involving in his countries more than 500 stakeholders, and it has also obtained the scientific patronage of the Italian Society of Telemedicine and eHealth. N-DSA-N is a stable network of public and private actors dealing with disorders and pathologies related to childhood and adolescent neuropsychiatry. Therefore, MfC enrolls project design and strong communication, thanks to a fruitful engagement in partnership building, guaranteeing a great potential for dissemination, amplifyng project impacts at different levels and areas. MfC promotes the creation of innovative services in the field of mental health care, child protection, woman protection, mapping and searching relevant stakeholders with lobbying activitiy for the application of EU directives, treaties and regulations.


New DSA Network

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MfC Maendeleo for Children

New DSA Network