What Globality of Languages is?!


The Globality of Languages is a discipline inherent in the human relationship with all the communicative-expressive languages ​​and styles that each of us (starting from our own socio-psychophysical characteristics and conditions) puts into action in its relationship with the anthropic and natural world.

Every human being has his own specific, unique way of relating to the world around him. When we want to try (hope) to implement a more effective and profound pedagogical, educational, therapeutic, formative process, we must start from these specific individual preferences of the person with whom we enter into a relationship.

The GdL expert (MusicArTerapeuta in GdL) has specific expertise in the decoding of non-verbal languages ​​and in the construction of individual pedagogical / educational, therapeutic, rehabilitative, training or animative paths, in favor of all people, but even more in favor of those who live in a condition of severe existential distress (people with even very serious disabilities such as autism, non self-sufficient elderly people, people with severe mental and / or sensory discomfort, people in a coma, children in conditions of severe socioeconomicocultural discomfort …).

The field, the specific object of the discipline is the communication and expression of and between human beings.

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